Sy helped me raise my GPA by more than a full letter grade!
— Myra K., Class of 2023

How I work with Students

I work with students of all grade levels in many different capacities. Whether you’re looking for once a week help in a weak subject, enrichment in an area you’re particularly interested in, or ongoing accountability check-ins throughout the week to make sure you’re staying on top of deadlines and not procrastinating, we’ll work together to find a regimen that suits your needs.

Subjects & Services

  • Math through Pre-Calculus

  • English (all levels)

  • Creative and Academic Writing

  • Study Skills/Organization

  • Executive Functioning

  • GPA Management

  • General Academic Support

Here are some examples of how I work with students:

  • 3-4x/week general academic support and consultation— a mix of constant planning for tests/papers/projects, providing content support as needed, and constantly administering grades.

  • Once a week math and physics support for a freshman that struggles with STEM subjects.

  • 2x/wk literary analysis and writing enrichment for a straight A student looking for a challenge.

My Objectives

In the short-term, my goal is to, of course, improve grades when applicable. However, I also carry the long-term objective of teaching my students to think critically and independently. I try to do more than just teach from the book. Too often students are asked to box their writing into a template or memorize a math formula without understanding it. They are not shown how grammar and syntax affect rhetoric or how math concepts build and relate. I try to connect those dots for them so that they can apply skills to more than just one assignment.

I also strive to teach students self-efficacy and initiative. Especially for middle and high-school students, I believe it’s important to learn how to communicate with teachers and counselors, ask for help, be resourceful, and become problem solvers.

Lastly, I love to learn, and I think the highest measure of my own success as an educator comes from my ability to spread a love for life-long learning.

I wish Sy could just teach our class. I learn more from her in one session than I do from my teacher in a week.
— Zoe K., Class of 2022