Outside of the Bay Area? Need more flexible scheduling or shorter sessions? Not a problem. I meet with students from all over the world via remote sessions, and believe it or not, remote works just as well as in-person-- sometimes better!

How it works

It’s important to note that remote sessions are still face-to-face, and they are NOT conducted on the phone! There’s great technology out there today that is constantly improving, and it’s made high quality remote tutoring possible.

I’ve spent hours and hours figuring out how to make online sessions as seamless as possible. This is my process:

  • Meetings are conducting through a web conferencing platform called Zoom, which has excellent screen share and whiteboard capabilities.

  • ALL of my materials are scanned to PDF format so that my shared screen reflects exactly what my students are looking at in their books.

  • I use a graphics tablet to write directly on the screen either on a whiteboard or the book (in PDF format). This makes writing effortless, so no time is wasted trying to write with a mouse, and it is actually even better than awkwardly writing upside down or sideways the way I do when I’m sitting across from or next to a student. Students can also send me photos/scans of their work before the session, and I can easily throw it up onto the screen and annotate directly on their work for grading or corrections. 

Prior to each session, students receive a link to join our meeting, which loads quickly. After each session, the recording of the session is uploaded to a shared folder where students can access it anytime to review and study on their own.

Advantages of Remote Sessions

  • ALL sessions are recorded and shared with the student to review anytime!

  • Sessions never start late due to uncontrollable circumstances (ie. traffic, flat tire)

  • My standard session length is 90 minutes, but remote tutoring allows me to meet with students for shorter sessions

  • Flexibility allows us to conduct sessions even when one of us is traveling, so we don’t have to skip sessions (unless you want to!)

  • Particularly great for students who are visual learners

  • Also very good for students with dysgraphia, who generally prefer to type or use a computer anyway

  • For those students who would need to travel for sessions, remote sessions save time