I meet some students in San Francisco for in-person sessions and with all other students remotely via face-to-face video conference. 

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My favorite part of my job is developing relationships with my students, and this plays a critical role in my approach to both tutoring and admissions consulting. I see each student as a unique person with different goals, abilities, and needs.

As a tutor, this helps me to meet each student where he/she is at, appeal to the student’s individual learning style, and create personalized goals and timelines.

As an admissions coach, getting to know my students is essential to my process of helping students find the schools and programs that are the best fit for them as well as find their voice to craft essays that truly showcase who they are.


[2000-2008] An early start

I got my start in education when I was just in high school. As a student at Phillips Exeter Academy, I was sought out in Korea by students looking for SSAT tutoring and assistance with the prep school application process. I quickly fell in love with teaching and even more so mentoring. 


[2009-2013] Building a Career in Korea

When I moved to Korea in 2009, I began teaching test prep (SAT, ACT, SSAT, AP, TOEFL) and working with students on prep school and college applications full time. I worked with students 1-1 as well as in classes of up to 40 students. I also developed curriculum for test prep and English classes up to the AP level. In addition to teaching and curriculum development, I worked as the Director at 2 different test prep and college counseling companies in Korea before eventually becoming a freelancer.


[2013 - present] Returning to the US

In 2013, I returned to the US and settled in the Bay Area where I was the Director of Operations for Tutorpedia and then moved on to become the Director of Programs and then Executive Director Pro Tem at Aspire Education Project. Since moving to the Bay, I have collaborated with local schools, education companies, and nonprofits to create successful academic and test prep programs for Bay Area students. To supplement my administrative work, I continued to tutor, develop curricula, and do education consulting on the side.

Since the Fall of 2017, I have returned to working full-time as an independent tutor and college/prep school consultant. I am an active member of the Bay Area Tutoring Summit (BATS) and a BATS Scholars mentor.