Going into the college process, I never thought my essays would be a strong factor in my applications. My writing was weak, and I had a hard time relaying my thoughts and ideas. Sy knew exactly how to handle each challenge, and I learned so much by handling them with her. Not only did she help me articulate my thoughts and expand my writing skills, but when I got a 4th concussion senior fall, she was patient and supportive as she helped me adjust my timeline and stay organized. I would not have been able to stay on track and navigate such a difficult semester without her help.
— Cecily V., Class of '2018

About admissions consulting

The college process, if anything, is overwhelming. The information asymmetry is enough to make anyone anxious, but combine that with peer pressure, school pressure, and growing competition— it can be, well… a lot. And while school counselors play an important role in the process, even at the most elite private schools, college counseling is not always their specialty, nor is it their sole responsibility. In addition, counselors are often overloaded with students, in some cases hundreds.

Working with an independent counselor, has many advantages:

  • Expert advice from an unbiased 3rd party who can be objective, but still has your best interest at heart

  • Personalized attention and guidance

  • Detailed line-by-line essay editing and feedback

  • Decreased stress and pressure — someone is there for you every step of the way!

Applying to and choosing a school, be it a private secondary school, a college or university, or a graduate school, is deeply personal. For this reason, I’d like to say thank you for considering me for your independent counselor— I am always humbled and honored to be included in this process.

Free Consultation

The first step to working with me is to set up a free consultation through which I can get to know the student and his/her family, and they can get to know me. I truly believe fit is a big key to success, especially when working on something as personal as school admissions processes. 

The Consultation Agenda:

  • Review transcripts and test scores

  • Learn about the student's extracurricular activities, hobbies, interests, and goals

  • Identify strengths and narrative threads around which to build the student's applicant profile

  • Strategize next steps to build on this narrative (ie. test prep, course selection, internships, summer programs, portfolios, or personal projects)


Follow-up consulting

As we work together, I will help students to:

  • Identify schools and programs that are a good fit for the student based on his/her grades, test scores, and interests.

    • While I can make recommendations and advise students and families on how to generate a balanced school list, the decision of where to apply is ultimately the student’s.

  • Develop an admissions strategy and timeline for where to apply Early Decision/Action and Regular Decision.

  • Manage their application materials and deadlines.

  • Find their own voice and craft thoughtful essays— I assist through the whole process from brainstorming, through editing multiple drafts, to making final tweaks.

  • Prepare for interviews.

  • Find and apply for appropriate scholarships as needed.

For additional questions or to schedule a free consultation, please fill out a contact form, or call 650.479.4051.